Our services

Group (6) Construction

Construction of administrative, industrial and office buildings;
– installation of steel structures; – assembly of prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete structures; – installation of lightweight enclosing structures; – erection of monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures; – arrangement of foundations, foundations of buildings and structures;

External and internal
Finishing work;

– installation of insulating coatings; – anti-corrosion coating of building structures of buildings and structures; – installation of thermal insulation of the enclosing structures of buildings and structures; – roofing device;
Road construction and landscaping
– device of road surfaces of pedestrian zones from sidewalk slabs;
Construction engineering structures;
– installation of internal engineering systems of buildings and structures; – heating systems – water supply systems – sewerage systems – heating network

electric-tower 1 (1) Energy

– Electric installation work – Laying, installation, repair of cable facilities – Installation and adjustment of control systems and energy accounting;
– Start-up and adjustment works at power, industrial facilities, automation systems and power equipment control

joist 1 Design, production of metal structures

– Production of building metal structures; – Roof trusses and trusses, communications; – Columns, supports, half-timbered posts; – Support and load-bearing beams of roofing and floors; – Embedded products, reinforcing cages; – Ladders, fences, galleries, walkways, suspension bridges; – Sheds, canopies, fences; – Plasma and gas cutting of metal; – Cutting metal; – Grinding and milling of metal products; – Sandblasting; – Anti-corrosion work in the spray booth and much more.

truck 1 (1) Transport service

– Automobile transportation of goods;
– Loading, unloading of goods;
– Transportation of prefabricated equipment.